Recovery softwares can recover files and data lost on all kinds of devices and products. What makes those products special are their abilities to recover individual products. One such device is an SD Card. 

What is an SD Card? 

An SD Card stands for Secure Digital Card. The SD card was created to store and transfer data and information from one device to another. Devices that hold SD cards include: phones, cameras, Ipods, and others. These SD cards make it possible for devices to actually store data. Without them, they could not keep applications, pictures, or other files on them. 

What Do SD Recovery Softwares Do? 

SD Recovery softwares uses the SD Cards to find missing files, photos, and other missing data. They recover this data for their customers. This data could be one day old, one year old, and sometimes multiple years old. When data is stored on an SD card, and later lost or deleted, it may seem like it’s gone forever. They aren’t. The purpose of the three applications in this article is to save data from all kinds of devices; that includes SD cards. Some of these applications specialize in retrieving data from cards, whereas others simply recover data from wherever they can find it. Nonetheless, customers should feel secure in the software application they choose. 

In this article, customers will get a glimpse of the top three SD card recovery softwares. They’ll learn about their best feature, what they do, what their price is, and more information. After reading this article, customers will be able to determine which application is most suited to their SD card recovery needs. The applications being discussed in this article are: Disk Drill, Data Rescue and Card Rescue. Each application ranges in price and in services. They all have great features that make them the top three SD card recovery softwares. 

SoftwarePriceNewest Update Best Feature Where to Download Ranking
Disk Drill$89RAW photo & video recoveryDisk Drill1
Data Rescue $19-$399Free Scanning Data Rescue 2
Card Rescue $39.95 5Various file format options Card Rescue 3

1. Disk Drill SD Card Recovery for Mac

Leading the pack in SD recovery applications is Disk Drill. Disk Drill is an app that was created by Cleverfiles and has undergone four updates. Its newest release, 4.1.206, just came out in December 2020. The application is multi-faceted. First and foremost, it is a data recovery application. It can recover data from computers, USBs, HD cards, SD cards, and others. But why is Disk Drill the best? Disk Drill is the best and is highly recommended by its user, has great speeds, and works to ensure the customer has the best experience they can have. Disk Drill is also used by notable companies like: The Boston Globe, LEGO, CVS Health, Nestle, Google, and plenty of others. In its 11 years of existence, Disk Drill has built a following of over 500 thousand customers in over 150 countries. Because of this, it is the ultimate data recovery application and SD card recovery application.

Disk Drill

Best Feature: Disk Drill’s best feature is its unlimited recovery. When customers buy a professional or enterprise plan, they set themselves up to receive free unlimited recovery. This translates to memory card recovery. Customers can recover as many files as they want at no additional charge. They can recover all the files and photos they want on an SD card, and on other devices. 

What it Does for SD Cards: Disk Drill can use the SD card to extract deleted or lost photos. This can be over a long period of time, but if people continue taking photos on the SD card, it becomes harder and harder to recover. Upon losing their photos or files, customers should stop using their phone or camera and get Disk Drill right away. Once customers connect an SD card to a computer and Disk Drill, the app will be able to scan it for its lost data. Also, Disk Drill can extract data from SD cards that are not working or have crashed. This is great for people who may have got their camera wet or want to recover photos from an old, faulty SD card. 


Basic: The Basic version of Disk Drill is free. This version lets customers preview their files (including those from an SD card) but they cannot recover them until they buy an actual plan. 

Professional: The professional plan is Disk Drill’s most popular plan and it costs $89. With this plan, customers can have unlimited recovery with one user. The application comes with three activations, and then it can no longer be used. This plan includes all kinds of data recovery, storage types, and file systems. 

Enterprise: Disk Drill’s enterprise plan is great for businesses and costs $499. With this plan can have up to 10 customers with unlimited recovery and activations. This plan also includes full-featured commercial data and forensic data exports. 

  • Recovers all kinds of data 
  • Recovered data is separated by type 
  • Helps with all types of damaged or broken SD cards 
  • Fights against viruses on SD cards and computers 
  • Supports Windows/Mac products 
  • Needs root access on the device its working on 
  • Doesn’t disclose the condition of each file 
  • Expensive 

Conclusion: Disk Drill may not have specifically been created to help recover data from SD cards. In spite of this, it is the best application for the job. The app has a lot of features that help it recover data from memory cards. The program is easy to understand and Disk Drill’s customer service is always read to help. 

Closing Thoughts: The expensiveness of Disk Drill is worth it. It’s best to invest in a product that can be used from multiple issues. Customers may buy Disk Drill to recover their SD memory card, but they’ll like to use it for other data recovery, too. This is the best recovery tool to retrieve lost data.

2. Data Rescue

Much like Disk Drill, Data Rescue is a multi-faceted application that can do it all. Data Rescue is now on its sixth version. As of now, it’s said to be four times faster than the last version. The product is a Prosoft Engineering’s software download. The product comes with all sorts of features that are not duplicated in other software applications. It comes with attributes like cloning, the ability to view previous scan results, and the opportunity to create one’s own recovery drive. The product was created in 2009 and has helped people recover their lost data since. The application can recover data like photos, files, and documents from all sorts of devices. One of these devices is an SD Card.

Data Rescue

Best Feature: Data Rescue’s best feature is its pricing. Files are priced individually starting at $19. If customers want to recover a file, they can pay for an entire plan or just for that file itself. This is great for people who need to recover a file quickly, but don’t care to have an entire recovery software program on their computer. 

What it Does for SD Cards: In simple terms, Data Rescue can recover data, files, photos and more from SD Cards. Customers simply need to select where they are wanting to recover files from (their SD Card) and Data Rescue will get it done. Additionally, customers can preview the files from their SD Card before paying to recover them. They can rediscover what they lost and make sure they want to recover it before making a commitment. 


Individual Files: Individual files from Data Rescue can be purchased for as low a price as $19. The prices of the files vary depending on what they are and how big they are. 

Data Rescue 6: The newest version of Data Rescue is $399.96. This price may seem pretty hefty, but customers can always get an older version for a cheaper price. For instance, Date Rescue 5 is only $99. 

  • Covers files really efficiently 
  • A chat button is included in the app for those having problems 
  • The product comes with unique, advanced features 
  • Can recover lots of lost data on a variety of devices 
  • There is not much of a filtering system, so it’s hard to go through all of the scan results 
  • Expensive 
  • No pause/ resume button 

Conclusion: Like Disk Drill, Data Rescue is a pretty reliable application for recovering data from SD Cards. The application has many features, yes, but that doesn’t stop it from thoroughly scanning SD cards. Plus, it can recover data from SD cards that are intact and have been damaged. Best of all, customers can recover single files from Data Rescue for a flat rate. 

Closing Thoughts: Data Rescue really is a great choice for SD Card recovery. However, it is not as great as Disk Drill. Data Rescue doesn’t have as thorough of features as Disk Drill. Another thing to note about Disk Drill is how expensive it is. When buying individual files to recover, this is a great app to get. If it’s something customers want for the long run, though, they’ll need to be comfortable shucking out a big chunk of money. 

3. Card Rescue

Card Rescue is considered the leading software for memory card recovery. Unlike the other two applications on this list, Card Rescue is actually a program that specializes in the recovery of data from memory cards. The Card Rescue app can help customers recover pictures, movies, and files from SD cards, CF cards, and memory sticks. This is a product that is owned by WinRecovery Software. The company creates all sorts of technology for friendly GUI interfaces with a wizard style. They try to make their products friendly to users so beginners can use their applications, too.

Card Rescue

Best Feature: Card Rescue can rescue files in many formats. They can recover files JPG, TIF, AVI, and more, as well as raw image formats from popular cameras. Customers will love that they won’t have to worry about the type of file they have. With Card Rescue, most all of them are capable of being rescued. 

What it Does for SD Cards: SD Cards are one of the most popular forms of memory cards. And what is Card Rescue? An app that was created to save data from memory cards. Card Rescue will search through SD cards and restore the data that was lost on them. Even if a file is deleted on a camera or phone, that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. If customers upload the SD card onto Card Rescue immediately after they lose their file, they still have a chance of saving it. Customers can test out Card Rescue with their free demo version, which they say should only take about 5- 20 minutes. Card Rescue encourages customers to test their product first because they have a 90% success rate. 


Card Rescue has one set price of $39.95 because it is solely a memory card recovery application. It does not recover data from any other devices. 

  • Very user-friendly 
  • Has photo preview before photo recovery 
  • Affordable 
  • Supports all types of memory cards 
  • No other data recovery 
  • Only recovers photos and videos 

Conclusion: Though Card Rescue is a great SD card recovery software, it has its limitations. For one, it doesn’t recover anything from any device that isn’t a memory card. Secondly, it only recovers photos and videos. The application needs to do more to compare to the other two applications on this list. That being said, it is very affordable and is perfect for people who really just need to get stuff off of their SD card. 

Closing Thoughts: Why not choose Card Rescue when recovering photos and videos? Sure it’s not elaborate as Disk Drill or Data Rescue, but it does not have its positives. Buy this application if all the SD card has is photos and videos. For anything more extensive, though, use Disk Drill. 

Final Conclusion

People don’t realize just how easy it is to recover their lost files from memory cards. The three programs of Disk Drill, Data Rescue, and Card Rescue will walk people through how to recover the files and photos they lost of their memory cards. When doing this, it’s important to remember that SD card recovery is not magic. Customers will need to get the software immediately and make sure not to add anything else, or much of anything else, to the SD card when they add it to the software application. 

The applications discussed in this article were: Disk Drill, Data Rescue, and Card Rescue. Disk Drill was the best application because of how thorough and speedy it was. The application is multi-faceted and is easy to use. It can recover data from SD cards, and from other devices. Data Rescue is the same way. It’s a bit pricier than other products. Otherwise, it’s a really good application, though it’s not nearly as good as Disk Drill. Finally, there is Card Rescue. Card Rescue was specifically created to recover products on memory cards. The product is simple, yet helpful. Its limited features are great for recovering photos and videos from SD Cards and other memory cards. 

All in all, these three applications are best for SD Card data recovery. They are quick, efficient, easy use, and the best SD recovery apps of 2021. 

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